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which characterize themselves through  engine power and equipment details

The Electrosurgical units of Micromed characterize themselves trough engine power and equipment details. The product line-up includes special units for the dermatologic treatment as well as units for surgeries or ambulances until to High-End units  for the  operating room

The electrosurgical units of the Touch-line are new developed "High-End-Electrosurgical-units". The multifunctional Touch-System impress with its large display and its simple manipulation.

For all units we offer you individual Instrument accessories, which can be ordered with the appropriate article number. Our line of products  contains all current instruments of the market like bipolar forceps, bipolar scissors, bipolar clamps as well as laparoscopic instruments

HF-unit MD touch 300

The simple operating concept of the MD touch 300 enables a fast direct access to the program parameters. Using the up and down buttons all functions and performance levels can be adjusted easily and directly.

HF-unit MDV touch 300

Additional to the MD touch 300 the MDV touch 300  offers additional functions for bipolar coagulation with 185 Watt engine power.


HF-unit  MD 1

The ideal electrosurgical unit with 50 Watt for smaller surgical operations. Suitable for various uses, such as general surgery, dermatology, dentistry and veterinary applications. Due to easy handling, high reliability and safety as well as high performance the MD1 is the ideal companion in outpatient departments and private practices/clinics.

HF-unit  MD3

The even more powerful electrosurgical unit MD3 offers compared to the MD1 additional power and a bipolar cutting mode. The additional bipolar plug allows for numerous connecting devices to be used and with that, all advantages the bipolar technique stands for.


RF 130 4 MHz Radiofrequence-surgery unit

The Micromed RF 130 unit is applicable for all operations in the field of electrosurgery, as well as in all specific areas of veterinary medicine, neurosurgery, ENT, gynaecology and above all for plastic surgery and dermatology.

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