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Sliding Plate
Implant for the Four-Corner-Fusion

The Sliding Plate is an innovative implant for partial midcarpal arthrodesis of the wrist (“Four-Corner-Fusion“).

For pseudo-arthrosis of the Os Scaphoid and aged SL-band ruptures (SLAC and SNAC wrist) this therapy has established itself as treatment strategy. The application of a compression between the to be merged carpal elements hereby benefits a complete arthrodesis. The Sliding Plate offers the possibility to apply the compression centrally by means of turning the implant through sliding holes which are arranged in a circular way.


   Preparation of lowering the plate    Turning the Sliding Plate   Additional fixation with further 1-4 screws


º  Minimal outer diameter (Ø 16.5 mm)
º  Slight panel thickness / panel height 2.8 mm
º  Rotatory compression holes
º  Fixable with 8 screws
º  Narrow screw diameter (Ø 2.0 mm)
º  Self-cutting screw thread
º  Variable screw angle (+/- 8°)
º  Biocompatible titanium alloy