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LAP Instruments monopolar
Tube shaft instruments for minimally invasive surgery

This is a modular tube shaft system, based on handles made from high quality synthetic material, which can be combined with numerous tube shafts and inserts. Long durability of all single components, as well as high comfort and precision when assembling or disassembling.

Micromed instruments prove themselves on a daily basis worldwide and are appreciated for their reliable functional quality. We´d be glad to share our know-how with you.

3-parts modular laparoscopic instruments, shaft Ø 5 mm and Ø 10 mm

The modular laparoscopic instruments are our most manufactured tube shaft instruments. With over 80 different inserts, 3 shaft lengths, with or without LUER-lock irrigation connection, and 14 compatible handles made from synthetic material, the user truly has a wide range of combination possibilities.

Approx. 70 inserts for shaft Ø 5mm, approx. 10 inserts for shaft Ø 10mm

Standard shaft lenghts: 330 mm, 360 mm and 450 mm.

2-parts modular laparoscopic instruments, shaft Ø 3 mm

The modular laparscopic instruments with shaft Ø 3 mm are used most frequently in pediatrics. Each shaft plus insert make up the complete instrument, as compared to the 3-parts instruments mentioned above. For this reason these shafts are generally equipped with a LUER-lock irrigation connection. For handles, the same as applicable for the 3-parts system can be used.

Standard shaft lengths: 180 mm, 210 mm and 330 mm.


The wide range of available 2-parts or 3-parts inserts contains:

»  Monopolar grasping forceps
»  Monopolar scissors
»  Monopolar clamps
»  Monopolar needle holders



LAP Instruments bipolar

Our reusable bipolar laparscopic instruments offer the highest standard of quality and functionality. By using the bipolar laparscopic instruments, a permanent closure of veins, arteries and vascular bundles can be avoided.



» Reliable sealing with subsequent tissue dissection
» Cost reduction through minimal share of disposables
» Easy to clean by rinsing connection
» Only in combination with MDV touch 300
» There is a minimum of tissue adhesion at the contact surfaces
» Tissue damages are reduced by lateral heat spread
» Cutting function can be triggered only when the mouth is closed



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