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Bipolar instruments





Bipolar forceps

Our portfolio includes monopolar and bipolar forceps in stainless steel and bipolar Argentum-Non-Stick forceps with silver alloy. The bipolar forceps come in three different styles: straight, angled and bayonet.

The available lengths vary from 70 mm to 300 mm, repairs of all types of forceps from all major manufactures, is part of our service, furthermore we offer custom made items upon consultation. All bipolar forceps are available with american 2-pin plugs.

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Bipolar coagulation grasping forceps Rotaris®

Independent of the surgeons position to the patient, these innovative bipolar forceps can be brought into the right ergonomical position by just one turn on the handle. As a result, it allows the surgeon to operate preceicely without getting exhausted.


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Bipolar scissors

Our bipolar scissors are available with three different blade types: extra slim, slim and wide scissor blades in 13, 14, 18, 21, 23 und 28 cm overall length.

The bipolar power supply runs through a single connection plug, which simplifies the use and handling of the scissors, furthermore the conductive steel screw enables seperating the blades for resharpening purpose. Bipolar scissors for open surgery enable cutting and preparing during simultaneous coagulation. Bipolar scissors are ideally suited for precise point- or surface-shaped coagulation. The use of bipolar scissors therefore offers more safety for the patient as compared to monopolar scissors.


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Bipolar clamps

The clamps are available with straight or curved blades in various lengths. All bipolar clamps can be purchased together with a cable ompatible with all HF-units in varianth lengths.


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