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Bipolar forceps

We offer bipolar forceps from hardened stainless steel in several variations. There are four different types: straight, angled, bayonet and bent. Avaliable lengths range from 70 mm  to 300 mm, with tips from 0.25, 0.3, 0.6, 1.0 and 2.0 mm. All bipolar forceps can be made with other measurements, tip widths, as well as with flat pin or with 2-pin plug.  


Bipolar forceps, straight Bipolar forceps, angled
Bipolar forceps, bayonet Bipolar forceps, bent



Bipolar forceps Argentum® non-stick

Our Argentum® non-stick bipolor forceps have tips made from silver alloy with optimal thermal conductivitiy which prevents tissue sticking to the instrument. The thermal conductivity of silver causes the temperature of the tip to not exceed 100°C and thus creates the non-stick effect. This is ideal for e.g. neuro surgery, and also simplifies the tiresome and tedious job of cleaning the forceps after surgery.  

  Bipolar forceps Argentum® non-stick  



Bipolar forceps titanium

The light weight of the titanium bipolar forceps enables working without tiring. Titanium is considerably lighter than steel, absolutely corrosion resistant and non-magnetic. For this reason they are also optimal for use in areas which have strong magnetic fields.

  Bipolar titanium forceps  



Bipolar multifunctional forceps
fast · bloodless · clean


The bipolar multifunctional forceps are part of the ideal accessories and were especially developed for the removal of pendunculated warts or fibromata pendulantia. During removal of the warts or fibroma no cutting is required and a surgical suture is no longer necessary. The treatment is bloodless and does not result in any scars. No after-bleeding occurs during this simple and fast method, as all supplying blood vessels are being coagulated. Due to immediate coagulation while cutting, any infection caused by viruses of pendunculated warts or fibroma pendulans is prevented. 

»  Both tips are formed into cutting edges, which are inwardly angled facing each other. Thereby coagulation, cutting process and removal are carried out simultaneously.

»  Higher operating speed due to the inwardly angled cutting edges

»  Furthermore, the risk of injury to the patient or surgeon is lessened considerably when compared with using a scalpel or an electrode.   



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