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Electrode hand pencil
for HF-units of Aesculap, Berchtold, Erbe, Integra, Martin and Micromed.

The MicroPen® electrode hand pencil is an innovative reusable hand pencil for electrodes that can live up to highest demands. Due to optimum technical production and the use of top quality materials we have created a handle with maximum durability as well as extraord handling qualities.

» Hand pencils and cable are separable and exchangeable

»   Optimal handling

»   High durability

»   Click control

»  Pushbutton completely covered with insulating silicone

»   Electrodes can be exchanged easily

»   High voltage strength up to 7500 Volt

Hexagonal fit for electrodes with Ø 4 mm or 3/32 inches available
Circular fit for electrodes with Ø 1,6 mm available


Monopolar handle and cable separable
Because of the plug connection each item can be replaced individually, thus reducing the cost and preserving the environment.

Hightly convenient
Sensibly located pushbottons and the easily felt pressure point (on/off click) as well as the rough outside surface make this hand pencil especially user-friendly even under difficult conditions.

Cleaning and disinfection
The MicroPen® monopolar handle can be sterilized up to 600 times at 134°C. The top quality synthetic material makes the MicroPen® hand pencil highly durable and resistant against detergents.

Highest compatibility
Our hand pencils are compatible with a wide range of different manufacturers electrosurgery units as for instance Aesculap, Berchtold, Integra, Erbe and Martin.




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