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Silver-and goldpoint saline pad electrodes
EEG-accessories/ EEG-electrodes

For all saline pad electrodes there are electrodes with large pads for adults and small pads for children. The work surface is identical (10mm).
The saline pad electrode can be used with or without cover. For pads without cover a contact gel or contact cream is required in order to achieve better electrode potential and therewith a more stable transmission conditions. We recommend our contact gel and cream products.
Covers, O-rings and assembly cones for the electrodes felt covers are also available


»  Goldpoint saline pad electrodes: the original silverpoint was gilded.

   That way the point is protected from corrosion and there are less contact problems with the connection cable. The work results remain   constant.                                                                                     

»  MICROMED electrodes are adjustable so as to optimize the height. This offers a good contact to the sculls surface.

»  Electrodes can be used with our without cover.

»  Covers must be removed for cleaning. The electrodes are cleaned simply with water.

»  Mushroom electrodes and Z-electrodes are also available.

When replacing single components it is important to check for the overall picture of all used electrodes and cables.

Avoid using various materials during an examination, as problems with the transmission might arise that way. Make sure that the applied ear and ECG electrodes are likewise made from the same material.


Saline pad electrode dish
for silver- and goldpoint saline pad electrodes

The saline pad electrode dish is suitable for optimum protection of the pin contacts. We recommend this especially when using electrodes with felt cover, as it requires only very little saline solution (ca. 0.5 l).

When submerging the covered electrode surface into saline solution, we recommend to remove the electrodes from the solution overnight. The saline solution is aggressive and the durability of the electrodes can be increased by cleaning the electrodes from the saline solution and the salty gels after use.



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