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Electrosurgery electrodes 4 mm

with synthetic insulation

The high quality reusable electrodes have an additional synthetic insulation as well as the standard special stainless steel surface treatment. These qualities guarantee high durability. The shaft diameter is 4.0 mm.   

  Needle electrode, straight 22 mm   Knife electrode, straight  
  Lancet electrode, straight   Ball electrode, Ø 4 mm  

Types of electrodes with synthetic insulation
» Wire loop electrode
» Ribbon loop electrode
» Ball electrode straight and 45° angled
» Needle electrode, straight and 90° angled
» Needle electrode with ceramic insulation
» Knife electrode straight and 45° angled
» Lancet electrode straight and 45° angled
» Blade electrode straight and 45° angled
» Tungsten needle electrode, with ceramic insulation
» Microdissection needle electrode


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