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Ear electrodes

As additional electrodes we recommend our ear electrodes, which are made of sintered Ag/AgCl, tin or gold.

Ear electrodes are available in 6 mm version, but the 9-10 mm version is the most popular. The different shapes, types and materials however do not differ in their applications.  

When using ear electrodes, attention must be paid that the same material electrodes are used as with the EEG channel.



»  Important!
    All electrodes in a channel must be of the same material.

»  The ear mount should be placed above the ear but leave the ear lobes free, so that the electrodes can be attached easily.

»  When using ear electrodes, no covers are required as when using saline pad electrodes. To profit from good transmission resistance we recommend our contact gels and cream.

Ear electrode
Ear electrodes are made of sintered Ag/AgCl. The discharge surface has a diameter of 10 mm, with connection cables of 60 or 100 cm and 1.5 mm DIN plugs.

Ear electrode “GVB”
The new shape of this ear electrode is comfortable for the patient, as they can be fitted individually. Cable length is 100 cm.

Ear clip electrodes
Pair of tin ear electrodes in 6 mm for children, or 9 mm for adults. Cable length 122 cm.

Sintered ear electrodes
Sintered ear electrodes (10 mm) with connection cable 100 cm and either 1.5 mm DIN or 2 mm plug.  

It is important to always bear in mind all electrodes and cables in use, when replacing any single components.

When using additional electrodes, avoid taking various materials EMG, ECG or ear electrodes, as this might lead to problems with the discharge through potential shifting.




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