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HF-unit RF 130
4 MHz Radiofrequency surgery unit


The basic advantages of radio wave technology are:


A highly focused effect, very limited spreading of heat, no carbonation, meaning no burning of tissue and thus hardly any scarring, as well as a short healing time. The Micromed RF-130 unit is suitable for all applications in the fields of plastic surgery, dermatology, gynaecology and veterinary medicine.

This atraumatic operation technique with radiofrequency of 4.0 MHz opens a new dimension for the surgeon in order to achieve excellent surgical results.


The advantages at a glance


» Simple and safe operation
» Very fine cutting modes
» Monopolar: two coagulation and two cutting functions
» Bipolar: one coagulation and one cutting function
» Enhanced safety during bipolar cutting, as the current flow is limited to the target tissue
» STOP functions: Timer, which provides auto stop after a given time.
» High Safety system SUNY, safe, fine cutting and coagulating