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for bone plates fixation

Micromed screws for fixed-angle locking system and fixation plates

Our range of products includes 2 Types of Screws.
1. Screws for Fixation Plates XS - L, Compression Plates und Condylar Plates.
2. Screws for bone plates with fixed-angle locking system.

CROSS-FIT 1.2 mm for Fixation Plates XS


CROSS-FIT 1.7 mm for Fixation Plates S


CROSS-FIT 2.3 mm for Fixation Plates M/L, Compression and Condylar Plates


CROSS-FIT Emergency screws

MultiFIT 2.0 mm für SW-Plates fixed-angle
MultiFIT 2.4 mm für MW-Plates fixed-angle

» Packaging unit 5 pieces

Application for screws with fixed-angle locking system
The application of the Micromed locking system takes place in two steps:

Step 1
Twisting the screw into the bone until the head thread of the screw touches the outline of the plate cavity.

Step 2
Twisting the screw head into the plate cavity (-locking-) until the screw head and plate surface sit flush with each other.



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