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Bone plates for small bones,  Hand surgery - Foot surgery

The Micromed Hand-Osteosynthese-System features highest quality in material and accomplishment of the implants. Major fields of application are osteosynthesis in traumatology, reconstructive surgery as well as replantation of the phalanx of fingers. Furthermore, our systems are excellently suitable for therapeutic surgery for treating rheumatic diseases.

The Plates
We offer application-oriented plates of different thicknesses. 

XS- and S-Fixation plates
of 0.6 mm thickness for treatment of middle phalanx fractures.

M-Fixation plates and M-Compression plates
of 1.0 mm thickness for treatment of proximal phalanx fractures and metacarpal IV fractures.

L-Compression plates

of 1.3 mm thickness for treatment of metacarpal I-, II-, III-, and V fractures.


The Instruments
The clear basic main instrumentation facilitates the use of plates and screws with ergonomic forms and colour coding. 
Instruments which are used for several implant sizes do not carry any colour code.

Product Line

Titanium Fixation Plates Titanium Compression Plates Titanium Condylar Plates


Sterile Implants
All implants are available in non-sterile and sterile packaging.
To order sterile products add an “S“ at the end of the article number ( e.g. 400-012-140S).  


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