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Pico-Pin-Compression Screw

Pico-Pin is a new compression screw without canalisation and with integrated wire guidance. This serves as guiding wire which is preferably used with ordinary Herbert Screws.

Due to the innovative design, Pico-Pin allows for smaller diameters compared to Herbert Screws. This is a major advantage in the case of arthrodesis of smaller bones, such as the finger joint.

Using ordinary screws for arthrodesis comprises the risk of harming the onychostroma up to bone fractures. Due to the  diameter reduction of the head thread, risk is reduced significantly.


  Opening of  the joint

  Resection of the arthriti
  joint surface
  Preparation of the bone
  Mechanical insertion of the
  Pico screw
  Controlled application of
  Pico complete set


»  Risk reduction in the context of harming onychostroma and bone fractures
»  Small  diameter of screw head (?Ø 2.5 mm)
»  Small  diameter of screw shaft (?Ø 1.8 mm)
»  Small pin  diameter (?Ø 1.25 mm)
»  Self-boring tip
»  No Kirschner wire necessary
»  Applicable in minimally invasive surgery

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