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Micro Scissors

In our range of products you will find straight, angulated or bent scissors with flat or round handle. Because of the balanced distribution of pressure our scissors achieve highest functionalilty, even when only using minimal force.

Micromed micro scissors are very sharp. Scissors with straight blades are used mainly for cutting and renewing of already openly dissected stuctures or for cutting finer threads.

Due to rounded tips and bent blades dissection scissors are used for separating nerves and blood vessels from surrounding tissue or from each other without causing damage.

Scissors with Round Handle Scissors with Flat Handle


» All articles have an anti-glare surface finish.

» The finely serrated cutting blade enables precise and optimally controlled cutting, especially when operating in nerve tissue.

» Our micro scissors are available in various lengths with flat or round handles.

Regardless which type you choose, with Micromed micro scissors you will always make the right cut.



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