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Microvascular Clamps and forceps

Vascular clamps are avialable in various sizes, options such as A (for arteries) and V (for veins), as well as frosted or black colour. Option A with a slight turn at the end of the clamp is suitable for thick-walled arteries. Option V is intended for all veins and thin-walled arteries.

Depending on size, all clamps have a specific clamp pressure. The insides of the clamps have a sufficiently high friction resistance, so as to ensure a reliable grip of the vessels. Production of clamps is done with tenfold magnification. If possible use a clamp size which is about the middle range size of the vessel diameter.

Short description for microvascular Clamps
» Both frosted as well as black coated vascular clamps have an anti-shine-surface.
» Clamps with approximator are for standard use, single clamps are suitable when there is lack of space.
» Each clamps pressure is adjusted electronically and each instrument is tested after manufacture.
» The spring consists of two parts and is therefore stable and reliable.
» Safe handling due to the form of the clamps ends.
» In order to avoid damage to the closing pressure, vascular clamps should be opened with clamp applying forceps.

  Vascular Clamps


Clamp applying forceps

For clamps sizes 1, 2 and 3 the end of the clamp is equipped with a chamfer for the matching applying forceps. Due to this chamfer the clamp is held securely by the applying forceps, so that it can be used in every level of movement without danger. The clamp opens by applying pressure to the forceps, when the pressure is lessened it closes.

Clamp applying forceps are available with or without lock. By applying light pressure the lock clicks shut and thus holds the vascular clamp in half-opened position. After application of the clamp, the lock is opened by light finger pressure.

  Clamp applying forceps with lock




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