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Sutures and micro suture for surgery

Beside the bandage, the surgical sutures and micro sutures are the essential form of treatment. We wish to present you our atraumatic needle-thread-combinations with tissue-conserving penetration and glide properties. We provide monofilament and multifilament needle-thread-combinations and suture material, e.g. 10-0 nylon suture, silk suture, polyester suturepolypropylene suture and PGA absobable sutures.

Our micro needles are of high quality cold formed stainless AISI 300 series steel, featuring highest bending resistance. We offer them in different forms, tips, lengths and diameters. The standard material nylon has a smooth surface for easy passage through tissue. Micromed-needles feature precisely sharpened micro tips, causing minimal amount of disturbance of tissue and necessary force of penetration. This enables the surgeon to cause least wound traumata. For optimum results of how to suture we recommend Micromed suture materials.

Our micro suture needles are available in five different versions. As different tissue conditions strain the needle in various ways when puncturing and pulling it through the tissue, we are providing needles in different tip- and cross-section forms. The round needle with tip in V-form punctures the tissue.

The cutting needle in W-, T-, Y-, and O-form are sharp and optimally suited for tissue types featuring higher resilience, like dermal tissue, cicatricial tissue and enthesises. more



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