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Single-use electrodes with Ø 2.4 mm and Ø 4 mm shaft

Monopolar HF-electrodes Made in Germany

Quality and flexibility

Our sterile single-use electrodes are intended for open and endoscopic surgery and used for cutting and coagulating biological tissue. Like the reusable electrodes these single-use electrodes are connected with the HF-unit by attachment to an electrode handle.

The entire range of HF electrodes is made completely by Micromed Medizintechnik in Germany. We produce the single-use electrodes likewise in accordance with top Micromed quality using highly modern manufacturing systems.

You can choose from a wide range of electrodes with synthetic insulation, with shaft diameter either 2.4 mm or 4 mm.
We can manufacture specific electrodes as single-use products depending on quantity.

Our single-use electrodes are easily recognized by their green shaft. They are available in sterile packaging of 5 pcs.

    Ball electrode Ø 2 mm, shaft 4 mm   Knife electrode, straight, shaft 4 mm  
   Needle electrode, straight, shaft 2.4 mm   Wire loop electrode Ø 5 mm, shaft 2.4 mm  
  Needle electrode, straight, Ø 0,2 mm   Needle electrode, 45° angled, Ø 0,2 mm  

Types of single-use electrodes
» Wire loop
» Ball
» Needle
» Knife
» Lancet


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