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Osteosynthesis plates with fixed-angle locking system
Bone plates for small bones,  Hand surgery - Foot surgery

The patented plate-screw-locking system allows for a multi-axial screwing into the bone with fixed-angle fixation of screw and plate.

The functioning is based on a plastical forming between head thread of the screw and the artrisks of the plate hole while screwing. Repeated use of the locking, that is, screwing in and out several times, is possible.

The Plates
SW fixed-angle plates, plate thickness 1.0 mm for 2.0 mm MultiFit screws.
MW fixed-angle plates, plate thickness 1.5 mm for 2.4 mm MultiFit screws.

Advantages of plates with fixed-angle locking system

»  Locking function from 1.0 mm plate thickness onwards
»  Multi axial, fixed-angle, 10° multi directional
»  No additonal components necessary
»  Indication: Osteotomies und Fractures

Application of screws
The application of the Micromed locking system takes place in two steps:

Step 1
Twisting the screw into the bone until the head thread of the screw touches the outline of the plate cavity.

Step 2
Twisting the screw head into the plate cavity (-locking-) until the screw head and plate surface sit flush with each other.





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