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Cannula Ø 23 G
for biopsy and puncture for pain and tumor therapy

  Cannula Ø 23 G with depth marker (blue)

The needle

»  Cannula Ø 23 G (0,65 mm)
»  Needle length: 150 mm
»  Non-removable depth markers at intervals of 1 cm
»  Sterile and free of pyrogen
»  Storage temperature between +5°C and +35°C
»  Made in Germany

Application areas

»  Periradikular therapy (PRT)
»  Facett infiltrations / Denerving
»  Sympathikolysis
»  Tumor therapy
»  Access for percutane laser disk decompression (PLDD)
»  Fine needle aspiration biopsy

Your advantage

»  Sharp, atraumatic and smooth

»  The fixation mandrin avoids unwanted tissue infections

»  The special cutting point and specialized surface treatment provide easy puncture even into deep tissue.

»  For better positioning the needles are marked with a galvanically applied not removable depth gauge, at intervals of 1 cm

»  In addition to surface polishing the cannulas/interventional micro probes (IMS) are dry siliconized so as to be able to
    reach deep lying tissue more easily

»  The use of the special stainless steel mandrin enables precise punctuation to deeper tissue regions.
    This material is extremely strong and is combined with a slightly increased wall strength.
    The additionally siliconized surface completes the optimal needle