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Our needles are available in five different versions.
As different tissue conditions strain the needle in various ways when puncturing and pulling it through the tissue, we are providing needles in different tip  and cross section forms.
The round needle with V-shaped tip punctures the tissue. The cutting needles with form W, T, Y and O are sharp and suitable for types of tissue showing a major resistance, such as dermal tissue, cicatricial tissue and enthesises.

 Taper Point, V-form


The round needle punctures all of the tissue types without cutting. Due to the slight needle tip, a minimum branch canal arises.



 Spatula needle, W-form


The sharp spatula needle cuts the tissue with the needle tip. Therefore only a marginal tissue damage is caused.



 Triangle needle, T-form


The sharp reverse cutting
triangle needle cuts hard tissue along the entire needle edges.

 Taper cutting, Y-form


The sharp Y needle cuts  the tissue with the needle point, showing excellent tissue penetration. The branch canal has a Y-form.


 Coronar tip needle, O-form


A minute point followed by a round body and a rectangular main body for better penetration in cardiovascular surgery.





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